The "Little Black Dress" Collection

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Patent Pending Design 

One dress, multiple variations.

Invisible zippers located along the waist and sleeve seams allow
you to swap the bodice or attach sleeves for a seamless new look.

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  • Higher impact per wear 
  • Customizable  variations
  • Cost effective 
  • Made from rPET fabrics

Our Values

Our mission is to positively influence the fashion industry by increasing the impact per wear of our pieces through our patent pending modular garment design.

Our capsule collections aid to build a wardrobe that is interchangeable and more sustainable. We value that every individual is unique and we encourage wearers to showcase their creativity and experiment with combination variations.

"Researchers hold the position that the most important measure of sustainability is impact per wear"

-Brian Baskin
(19 January 2023, The Problem with sustainability data, BOF )

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Meet our founder

"The idea for our patent pending design came to me out of circumstance. Being involved in the pageant and fashion industry came with alot of events, and with those events came the expectation to “dress to impress”. Which often meant buying a new dress for each occasion. Which could end up being costly and at the end of the day that dress would be hung up never to be worn again. If you're someone who loves fashion and expressing your personal style, I'm sure you have found yourself in a similar situation. Thats why at Da Silva NYC we aim to curate a wardrobe that is not only fashionable but interchangeable and more sustainable."

-Bianka Da Silva, Founder & CEO, Da Silva NYC

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The handbag I purchased exceeded my expectations. It is stylish, durable, and worth every penny! I am now a loyal customer of Alva!

David Simmons

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